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Cuchillas para manualidades (rectas, punta redonda)

  • The Slice 10518 Craft Knife Blade with a straight edge and rounded tip
  • Craft Blades With Rounded Safety Tip - Features
  • Slice 10518 Craft Blades - Compatible Handles
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 REF. #10518
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Las cuchillas para manualidades Slice 10518 son cuchillas de un solo filo que cuentan con un borde recto y una punta redondeada. Estas cuchillas están diseñadas exclusivamente para utilizar en nuestros cutters para manualidades y son ideales para realizar cortes y raspaduras perfectas. Al igual que el resto de las cuchillas cerámicas de seguridad de Slice, no producen chispas, no son magnéticas, son químicamente inertes, se mantiene en perfectas condiciones en temperaturas de hasta 1600 ºC, y nunca se oxidan. Nuestro filo de seguridad patentado corta los materiales con gran eficacia y de manera más segura.

  • Tipo de cuchilla: borde recto, punta redondeada
  • 4 cuchillas de un solo filo por paquete
  • Herramienta compatible: 10548
  • Cuchilla de seguridad que se mantiene afilada 11 veces más tiempo
  • Reduce las lesiones, reduce costos
  • Se mantiene en perfectas condiciones en temperaturas de hasta 1600 ºC
  • Químicamente inerte, nunca se oxida
  • No se precisan herramientas para cambiar la cuchilla
  • Menos cambios de cuchilla = menos lesiones
  • Ref. # 10518

Mangos compatibles  

Especificaciones del producto  

L 32.8 x W 6.3 x H 0.5 mm
zirconium oxide
0.55 g


4.6 / 5
11 opiniones
  • Dave Olsen
    1 month ago
    0 replies
  • Fenna Phu
    2 years ago
    safer option than the other scapels that has metal blades
    0 replies
  • Vishal Vallabh
    2 years ago
    Great quality excellent product. Living up to what they say and claim.
    0 replies
  • Judith Koch
    2 years ago
    Great quality and good value
    0 replies
  • Robin Mosher
    4 years ago
    It does the job that the purchase is intended for
    0 replies
  • Catherine Jevic
    4 years ago
    I didn't find a real use for the rounded tip, may just not be for me/my projects
    1 reply
    • Hello Catherine - thanks for taking the time to leave your comments - yes, we do give a warning before the order is placed for Canadian orders that you may incur Canadian duties -- which, unfortunately, we have no control over -- we did cover shipping costs on your order, just not the Canadian duties and taxes.   It may be easier for you to order our products off Amazon Canada vs. off our website due to the Canadian taxes and customs - thank you so much Catherine! 
      from Slice, Inc.
      Jan 18, 2018
  • Michael Saraco
    4 years ago
    All of the Slice products are great.
    0 replies
  • Jeanine Crowder
    4 years ago
    very satisfied with the products
    0 replies
    Not what I expected from the info. It does not fit other brands of hobby knife
    0 replies
  • Kira Mizell
    Great tool for our use in cutting and segmenting friable rock segments for trace metal analysis. They provide high accuracy and ease in addition to low contamination rates.
    0 replies
  • Sue Albrecht
    Great product.....seems like it will hold up.
    0 replies


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