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Hockey Distributor Discovers New Niche For Slice Safety Cutters

Jan explained to us that hockey players of all ages use utility knives to cut the tape off their shin pads after a game. Standard utility knives do the trick, but they tend to cut holes in the socks and of course they're dangerous for very young players. One night, while researching a safer solution for his customers, Jan found Slice's ceramic Safety Cutter. He got in contact with Slice founder TJ Scimone and started testing samples in the field (or, in this case, the rink). Jensen handed out samples to players at the minor, junior and professional levels and the product was a hit.

[The players] all loved their new tool, and since then I have sold a lot of Slice Safety Cutters to hockey players at all levels!

While parents were initially concerned that younger players might lose their cutters, the built-in hole allows them to fasten their Safety Cutters to their hockey bags. "It makes a perfect small gift for players," Jensen points out, "it reduces costs for new socks, and most importantly: no injuries!" Testers include members of the Danish Senior National Team and the response is great. He points out that players can use the Safety Cutter every day to save their socks and their fingers. And with Slice, you never get two minutes for slashing.

  • Reduced

    the chance of injuries when cutting shin pad tape

  • Lowered

    costs for players by protecting their hockey socks

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