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Global Electronics Company Reduces Lacerations With Slice Tools

Jeremy Travers is the Environmental Health and Safety Analyst for TE Connectivity’s Sensor Solutions division in Mount Olive, New Jersey. Because the facility works with small electronic parts, they need blades capable of trimming, cutting, and scraping with precision. In the past, these blades were metal and included dangerously sharp razor blades.

In order to improve the safety of the operation, Travers began a rollout of Slice® safety blades, starting with the shipping and receiving department, where the box cutters were well received. He encountered a bit more resistance (pun intended) in the production department, where employees build electrical sensors. People often don’t like change but, over time, the new Slice finger-friendly® blades, which are also non-conductive, non-magnetic, and non-sparking, have become part of a safer workplace. TE uses a variety of Slice tools, including box cutters, pen cutters, and precision tools, because they have a variety of applications to consider.

My sense is that introducing the Slice tools onto our floor has reduced the chance of cuts and lacerations.

While it’s only been a short while since the Slice implementation program began, Travers says, “My sense is that introducing the Slice tools onto our floor has reduced the chance of cuts and lacerations.”

Travers recognizes the importance of training on how to use Slice tools properly and continues to work with his employees to make a safer workplace for all. Slice is happy to play a part in TE’s employee safety.

  • Implemented

    Safer Slice tools in both shipping and manufacturing departments

  • Reduced

    The chance of cuts and lacerations


Here are the Slice tools keeping workers safer at TE’s Mount Olive facility:

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