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Manual Carton Cutter

  • The Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter - Features
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter - Compatible Blades
  • Manual Carton Cutter - Packaging
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The Slice® 10585 Manual Carton Cutter is a clever addition to our line of safety knives. As the name suggests, this tool design—its exposed blade length and angle—is ideal for boxboard and thin corrugate. The Slice Carton Cutter (Manual) has just enough blade exposure to easily cut through boxboard without fear of damaging package contents. Slide the tool’s protective metal sheath to cover or uncover the blade as needed. The 10585 ships with a rounded-tip 10526 utility knife blade. As with all Slice tools, the blade features our finger-friendly® edge, is chemically inert, never rusts, and lasts up to 11 times longer than a comparable metal blade.

  • Installed blade type: rounded tip #10526
  • Durable nylon handle with acetone-resistant metal sheath
  • Manual retraction with one cutting position
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Finger-friendly® blade cuts effectively 
  • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade
  • Chemically inert blade never rusts
  • Oil- and lubricant-free blade
  • 100 percent zirconium oxide blade
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11x longer than metal
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • Compatible blades: 10526, 10528
  • No-tool blade change
  • SKU #10585

Compatible Blades  

Product Specifications  

L 90.8 x W 21.8 x H 6.31 mm
Cutting Depth
5.0 mm
18.0 g
GFN, aluminum, zirconium oxide


4.7 / 5
10 reviews
  • Teri Barker
    11 months ago
    0 replies
  • David Kasparian
    2 years ago
    Whenever I need these types of blades I Will Always by slice and nothing but!!! I love these products!!!
    0 replies
  • Michael Angulo
    2 years ago
    my favorite knife i have purchased 3 of thees so far i lost one so it replacement 2 others i have giving to co workers as gifts they seem to dig them as well
    0 replies
    2 years ago
    Convenient, easy to use and safe
    0 replies
  • Timothy O'Kane
    3 years ago
    Compact and convenient for every day use.
    0 replies
  • Diane Silverstein
    3 years ago
    all was perfect! thanks.
    0 replies
  • Christy J Beenenga
    4 years ago
    Excellent quality - utility unparalleled.
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    4 years ago
    This product does not have a long enough blade. It won't cut through cardboard all the way. Pointed blade helped a bit but still too short
    0 replies
  • Marc Suess
    4 years ago
    Easy to make purchase online.
    0 replies
    4 years ago
    Excellent product. Excellent quality. It does what you said it would do.
    0 replies

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More About Slice Carton Cutters

What Is a Carton Cutter?


Carton is generally considered to be thin (single-walled) corrugated cardboard or non-corrugated cardboard, also known as boxboard. By extension, carton cutters, also known as box cutters, are any tools designed to slice through these materials. When making your selection, keep in mind features that may be a priority in your workplace.


While many people use utility knives for this purpose and handle designs vary, carton knives typically have a thin, flat rectangular handle with a sheath that slides over the housing to expose or protect the blade. Many use standard metal utility blades while others use (dangerous) snap-off metal blades.These tools are frequently smaller than standard utility cutters and fit easily in the palm of your hand.


How Are Slice Carton Cutters Safer?


At Slice® we design everything with safety in mind. This includes handle issues, such as minimizing blade exposure, but also goes much further because: what cuts you, the handle or the blade? All our blades feature our finger-friendly® edge—a safety grind unique to Slice blades. This proprietary double-angle grind cuts through materials effectively but is safe to the touch.


How Do I Change the Blade in the Slice Carton Cutter?


Slice is committed to easy no-tool blade changes and the 10585 is no exception. To change the blade, push the metal sheath into its protective blade-covering position. Then remove the orange housing by pulling it further down until the sheath is completely removed. Open the housing by pulling up the cover along the lengthwise, unhinged edge, just as you would a book. The old blade simply lifts out. 


Ensure that the new blade lines up with the notch in the housing and close the housing. Before you slide the metal sheath back on, check for the notch on the bottom of the sheath. Line up the blade with this notch and slide the housing back in. This will ensure that the stopper on the housing lines up with the notch on the sheath, limiting how far down the sheath can slide.

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