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Fussy Cut Kit

  • Fussy Cut Kit
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Create beautiful scrapbook pages, cards, or quilling projects with the superior cutting tools found in the Slice® Fussy Cut Kit. Ideal for paper crafters of all skill levels, this innovative kit contains essential tools designed to provide seamless cuts and durable performance. Slice blades are made from 100 percent zirconium oxide. Thanks to Slice’s finger-friendly® edge, you can make smooth and accurate cuts with blades that are safe to the touch. Slice gives crafters the confidence to create impressive and unique projects with less worry about injuries or damage to their materials.


The 10416 Precision Cutter is intended for cutting detailed shapes and features a sturdy, textured handle for better control. This micro-ceramic blade is perfect for cutting thin paper or other delicate material, allowing crafters to incorporate fragile materials into their work.


The 10548 Craft Knife is a handy multipurpose tool perfect for a wide variety of crafting tasks. Included in this kit are the 10519 replacement blades for the Craft Knife, which feature a straight edge and pointed tip. Each blade’s longevity is over 11 times that of a traditional metal knife, and the replacement blades are simple to switch out.


A staple in every crafter’s kit, the 10546 Ceramic Scissors are designed to provide the crafter with control and comfort while making precise cuts. These ceramic scissors showcase durable edges and a pointed tip, perfect for precision cutting and puncturing small holes in order to make cuts from the inside of a shape toward the edge.


In addition to their longevity and safety, Slice blades are chemically inert and lubricant-free, ensuring that they will never rust and do not require additional care to maintain their reliable and impressive performance. With the Slice Fussy Cut Kit, crafters of all ages and skill levels can enjoy paper crafting.

  • Zirconium oxide Slice® safety blades
  • Ideal for card making, scrapbooking, and other paper art
  • Durable nylon handles with comfortable grips
  • Finger-friendly® blade cuts effectively
  • Reduces injuries
  • Ceramic blade never rusts
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11x longer than metal
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • Easy no-tool blade change
  • SKUs: 10416, 10548, 10519, 10546

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