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Logistics Leader Eliminates Plant Lacerations With Slice

Teresa Milhelm is a Hollingsworth quality and safety manager in the Highland Park area of Detroit, MI. Her sequencing, assembly, and repack facility uses a lot of cardboard boxes. “We open over 2000 boxes per day,” she says, and that requires a lot of cutting.

Milhelm’s first impressions of Slice® gave her a clear understanding of what the tools had to offer. “Everything was explained,” she says, “and we were sent free samples of all the tools Slice had to offer.”

Since implementing the Slice cutters we have not had a cutting incident with any employee. We have 100% reduced lacerations in our facility.

After some trial and error, workers settled on the 10550 Manual Utility Knife as their tool of choice. The result is a safer workplace for Hollingsworth staff.

“Since implementing the Slice cutters we have not had a cutting incident with any employee,” Milhelm tells us. “We have 100 percent reduced lacerations in our facility.” Slice is proud to help Hollingsworth’s cardboard warriors do their jobs well and get home safely at the end of the day.

  • Eliminated

    Lacerations in a busy repacking facility

  • Invested

    In safety with Slice utility knives


Hollingsworth’s Highland Park cutting tool of choice:

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