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Ceramic Craft Knife Blades (Straight Edge, Rounded Tip)

  • The Slice 10518 Ceramic Craft Knife Blade with a straight edge and rounded tip
  • Craft Blades With Rounded Safety Tip - Features
  • Slice 10518 Craft Blades - Compatible Handles
  • Ceramic Craft Knife Blades (Straight Edge, Rounded Tip)
  • Ceramic Craft Knife Blades (Straight Edge, Rounded Tip)
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Slice 10518 craft knife blades are one-sided blades that feature a straight edge and rounded tip. They are designed specifically for use in Slice craft knives and are ideal for for precision cutting and scraping. As with all Slice safety ceramics, these blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, and never rust. They offer our proprietary grind, which cuts materials effectively but resists cutting skin.

  • Blade type: straight edge, rounded tip
  • 4 single-edge blades per pack
  • Compatible tool: 10548
  • Finger-friendly edge stays sharp 11x longer
  • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic
  • Safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius
  • Chemically inert, never rusts
  • No-tool blade change
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • SKU #10518

Product Specifications  

L 32.8 x H 6.3 x W 0.5 mm
0.55 g


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I didn't find a real use for the rounded tip, may just not be for me/my projects
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All of the Slice products are great.
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very satisfied with the products
  • +
Not what I expected from the info. It does not fit other brands of hobby knife
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  • +
Great tool for our use in cutting and segmenting friable rock segments for trace metal analysis. They provide high accuracy and ease in addition to low contamination rates.
  • +
  • +
Great product.....seems like it will hold up.

More About Slice Craft Knife Blades

What do People Use Craft Knives For?

People use craft knives for many laboratory and craft-related applications, such as precision cutting and scraping. These hand-held precision tools are extremely versatile.

When it comes to craft knife blades, sizes don’t vary greatly. What sets Slice craft blades apart is their advanced ceramic material, which never rusts and does not require a special oil coating to maintain. 

What Kind of Craft Knife Blades Does Slice Make?

Slice offers craft knife blades with two different edges: straight or curved. Experiment with the different shapes to discover which edge suits your needs. In both cases, the blades have rounded tips as an extra precaution against puncture injuries.

How Do I Put in a New Slice Craft Knife Blade?

As with our many other tools, Slice has designed a tool-free process to switch craft knife replacement blades. Simply pull the ceramic blade out of its housing. The mechanism will automatically contract. Slide in a new blade and the grip will squeeze it, ensuring a strong hold.

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