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Handy Opener Bundle

  • Handy Opener Bundle
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Mini Opener


The Mini Opener is just about the size of a key fob, and much like a key fob, its mission is to open things up and make life easier. Slip it into your pocket or magnetically stick it on your fridge, it’s always there for you (it’s also a very small shoulder to cry on). Ambidextrous in design and finger-friendly®, the Mini Opener is everything you can ask for and more.


Super Safe™ Carton Opener


With a guard that automatically retracts when you’re done, it’s obvious why we call it Super Safe™. Use it with your right or left hand—its design makes it easy to create straight, flush openings. Its unique construction and materials means it lasts 11 times longer than steel and makes it finger-friendly®.


Safety Opener


Unassuming like a little mouse, the Safety Opener was one of the first household items created at Slice. With a small hole for easy attachment to your keyring and a magnet to stick to your fridge, you can leave it at home or take it with you on the go. Excellent for cutting thin items while being finger-friendly®, you’ll soon be wondering how you’ve been living without this little green mouse.

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