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Global Industrial Manufacturer Increases Effectiveness of Safety Knives by Switching to Slice

Flowserve employees are proud of their strong safety culture. As part of the Lawrence, Massachusetts, plant's efforts to reduce lacerations, employees were initially given metal retractable safety knives. Unfortunately, Mike Null describes those knives as too safe; "they became more of a headache than efficient. They weren't too helpful." The metal blades would retract part way through a cut, keeping the user safe but not opening the box as intended.

We're almost at one million hours, which is going on three-and-a-half years without a time-loss incident.

Steve Marsen, a Flowserve machinist, decided to try Slice® box cutters to keep the focus on safety while finding a more efficient tool. Employees were impressed with what they found. "I like the fact that I can really put pressure on the handle and the blade," says Mike Null of the Slice Box Cutter. While the ceramic blades are effective, Flowserve employees also appreciate the safety provided by intentionally shorter blades. "It doesn't give you much option to cut yourself".

Flowserve knows how to put Slice cutting tools through their paces. The box cutters are used intensively and have kept workers safe throughout their use. "We're almost at one million hours, which is going on three-and-a-half years without a time-loss incident."

  • 3.5 years

    or nearly 1 million hours with no time-loss incident

  • Reduced

    frustration levels since switching to Slice from ineffective metal safety knives


Safety knives that helped Flowserve go 3.5 years without a time-loss incident:

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