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Manual Carton Cutter

  • The Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter - Features
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Manual Carton Cutter
  • Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter - Compatible Blades
  • Manual Carton Cutter - Packaging
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    The Slice® 10585 Manual Carton Cutter is a clever addition to our line of safety knives. As the name suggests, this tool design—its exposed blade length and angle—is ideal for boxboard and thin corrugate. The Slice carton cutter (manual) has just enough blade exposure to easily cut through boxboard without fear of damaging package contents. Slide the tool’s protective metal sheath to cover or uncover the blade as needed. The 10585 ships with a rounded-tip 10526 utility knife blade. As with all Slice tools, the blade features our finger-friendly® edge, is chemically inert, never rusts, and lasts up to 11 times longer than a comparable metal blade.

    • Installed blade type: rounded tip
    • Durable nylon handle with acetone-resistant metal sheath
    • Ambidextrous design
    • Compatible blades: 10526, 10528
    • Finger-friendly® edge stays sharp 11x longer than metal
    • Chemically inert blade never rusts
    • Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade
    • Oil- and lubricant-free blade
    • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
    • No-tool blade change
    • SKU #10585

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