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The Scrappy Kit

  • The Scrappy Kit
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Surprise and delight your family and friends with handmade cards, paper flowers, and more with the Slice® Scrappy Kit, curated especially for paper crafters. The Scrappy Kit contains innovative crafting tools that are dependable, durable, and safe to use, including the 10548 Craft Knife, the 10519 Craft Blades (Straight Edge, Pointed Tip), and the 10416 Precision Cutter. Each cutting tool features Slice’s 100 percent zirconium oxide blade, a ceramic material engineered to be harder and stronger than traditional metal blades. Slice blades are designed to be safe to the touch through Slice’s proprietary finger-friendly® edge. This inventive blade design ensures that the user can make effective cuts to paper without worrying about accidental injuries. 


The 10548 Craft Knife is a handy multipurpose tool perfect for a wide variety of crafting tasks. The installed straight-edge safety blade is perfect for precision cutting, and able to make precise cuts to a variety of paper materials.


The 10519 Craft Blades (Straight Edge, Pointed Tip) are intended to be optional blades for use with the Craft Knife. Each pack contains four blades and boasts longevity over 11 times that of a traditional metal knife. Easily swap the old blade for a new one without involving any additional tools or increasing the risk of injury to your hands.


With the 10416 Precision Cutter, crafters can make precise, detailed cuts. The micro-ceramic blade’s small size, along with its sturdy handle, make this crafting tool ideal for cutting intricate shapes and designs. 


Reliably efficient, long-lasting, and safer than traditional cutting tools, the Slice Scrappy Kit can be enjoyed by crafters of all skill levels.

  • Zirconium oxide Slice® safety blades
  • Ideal for card making, scrapbooking, and more paper crafting projects
  • Durable nylon handles with comfortable grips
  • Finger-friendly® blade cuts effectively
  • Reduces injuries
  • Ceramic blade never rusts
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11x longer than metal
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • Easy no-tool blade change
  • SKUs: 10416, 10548, 10519

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