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Create to your heart's content with the Slice® Fire It Kit. This comprehensive crafting tool kit contains the 10548 Craft Knife, the 10596 Manual Seam Ripper, and six distinct blade styles featuring different edges, all ideal for shaping and ornamenting ceramic, clay, and porcelain creations. 


Slice blades are made from zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic that’s harder and more durable than steel. These blades are easy to clean and will never rust, making them ideal for use with wet clay, ceramic or porcelain. Featuring Slice’s finger-friendly® edge, these blades are designed to be safe to the touch, allowing you to focus on your craft.


The 10548 Craft Knife and the 10596 Manual Seam Ripper are both excellent tools for shaping, detailing, and smoothing edges. The Craft Knife is weighted for optimal balance and stability, and features a textured grip for superior control when scraping, carving, or precision cutting intricate designs into ceramic and porcelain. 


Both the Craft Knife and Manual Seam Ripper are designed for quick and easy blade replacement. The Seam Ripper has two optional blades (the installed rounded-tip blade or the optional pointed-tip blade), while the Craft Knife is compatible with all six styles represented in this kit. 


The different blades each feature a unique shape, giving you a wide range of options for decorative styling. The straight-edge, pointed-tip blade (10519) is perfect for making precise punctures, initiating cuts, and drawing fine lines, while the chisel blade (10534) is ideal for smoothing edges or creating wider wave effects. The curved edge of the pointed-tip seam ripper blade (10537) is ideal for finishing beveled or rounded edges, and the corner-stripping blade (10532) is designed for precise trimming in tight corners. With a variety of blades and tools to choose from, the Slice Fire It Kit lets your inner artist run free.


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  • Carol Ann Nelson
    1 year ago
    I care that you care about your customers! I love your products because they make clean, sharp lines and are dependable! I haven’t used The Fire It Kit yet but have loved the other two Slice knives I own!
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