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The Throw It Kit

  • The Throw It Kit
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When it comes to artistic endeavors, details make all the difference. Expand and elevate your artwork with the Slice® Throw It Kit. Perfect for ceramic artists, this kit features the Slice 10548 Craft Knife, along with three different blades designed to give you options for different design tasks.


The 10548 Craft Knife is a high quality, comfortable tool that allows better control over your work. Weighted for balance and stability, and with a textured grip for superior control, this precision knife lets you make accurate, delicate cuts. Along with the Craft Knife, this kit includes the 10518 straight-edge, rounded-tip blade (installed in the Craft Knife), as well as the 10519 straight-edge, pointed-tip blade, and the 10537 seam ripper blade with a curved, pointed tip. Each long-lasting blade is compatible with the Craft Knife. Easily and quickly switch between blades (without any additional tools) as you go to keep you in your creative flow.


Reliably sturdy and designed for safety, Slice blades are the top choice for ceramic artists. Our blades are made from zirconium oxide, an engineered ceramic that’s harder and more durable than steel. Additionally, these blades cannot rust, making them excellent tools for carving details into wet clay, ceramic, or porcelain. Finally, Slice blades are effective yet safe to the touch because of Slice’s finger-friendly® edge, keeping you safer as you work and clean the blades. 


With three distinct blade styles and a maneuverable handheld tool, the Slice Throw It Kit gives you boundless freedom to explore new ideas and designs. It’s versatile enough to create unique pieces, and the tools are known for their safety and quality performance. The Throw It Kit is the ideal addition to any ceramic artist’s tool kit.

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