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Seam Ripper Blades

Who Uses Seam Ripper Blades?

A seam ripper blade can be a useful tool for both home and industrial use. Anytime a seam needs to be removed—either in home projects or in industrial manufacturing—a seam ripping tool is used to cut the thread without damaging the sewn material. As such, users range from needing these blades once in a while for home repairs to constantly, for industrial processes. This kind of blade is also popular in the sign industry for anyone who must weed vinyl. In this case, a pointed-tip 10537 blade is recommended.

How Long Do Your Seam Ripper Blades Last?

Unlike a standard metal seam ripper blade, ours are made with advanced ceramics, a material that is much harder and retains its cutting edge much longer than steel. As such, our blades last up to 11 times longer than metal blades, meaning you should be able to use them eleven times longer than a standard blade. This helps reduce injuries (since injuries often occur during blade handling), gives you better value for your money (since you’d need to buy 11 metal blades to cut the same amount of thread), and is kinder to the environment (since you need to replace only the blade, you replace it less often, and old blades are 100 percent recyclable).

What Style of Seam Ripper Replacement Blades Do you Make?

We find that different styles of seam ripper blade are better for different concerns. If, for example, safety is your first priority, we recommend using the 10536 rounded-tip blades. If the stitches you’re working with are very small or they are the first stitches in the seam and you need a picking action, your first priority is a tip that’s narrow enough to smoothly enter without tugging at the thread (and risking tearing delicate surrounding material). Your best bet here is to get a 10537 pointed-tip blade. This is also true for anyone using this style of blade for other purposes, such as weeding vinyl stickers; in this case, pointed tips are more effective.

What Kinds of Handles Are Available for This Blade?

The 10536 and 10537 are both additions to our line of craft knife blades. As such, they fit in a number of craft handles including:

Or course, the 10536 and 10537 blades are designed to be used with our seam ripper handles, but they are compatible with all the handles listed, and you may find that one of these options suits your task better.

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