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Growing Custom Filler Company Goes Laceration-Free 22 Months And Counting With Slice Pen Cutters

More than a third of American Jetway's 200 employees use a knife at work. From opening a package in the office to tearing through shrink wrap on a pallet of empty cans, knives are ubiquitous at the Wayne, MI, company. This ever-present safety concern turned painful for an employee and costly for the company in early 2015.

The employee sliced two fingers as he used a fold-out utility knife to trim plastic. He suffered personally, and American Jetway's expenses took a hit. To date, the injury has cost over $30,000.

"We have not had a single laceration injury since [choosing Slice pen cutters]."

Shortly after the incident, safety coordinator Robert Litner remembers, the company ordered Slice pen cutters and box cutters along with other kinds of safety knives. After a month of trials, they chose the pen cutters and have since purchased 113 of them along with plenty of replacement-blade four-packs. Their knife-safety record has since been stellar.

"We have not had a single laceration injury since then," Litner said. "We are very proud of our safety record here at American Jetway, and Slice, Inc., has been a big part of it."


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